Friday, October 22, 2010

Take advantage of Fall Leaves - Go Camping!
With the beautiful weather, beautiful trees and sunny days of October quickly dwindling away, many people are getting outside to enjoy the warmth of the fall season.

Cool breezes sweep through the trees and bring changing leaves dancing into the air, making everyone stir with delight.

I want to feel a deep mountain breath. Walk up trails to see a bird's eye view of the affect Fall is having on the mountains.

So, this weekend I'm finally going camping!

This will be the first time I've gone camping in October and I'm pretty excited, especially with my cozy new wool socks! Going to be heading towards East Tennessee with my wildfire fighter boyfriend to take in some of our country's great State Parks.

Yes, ladies. A wild-fire fighter.

There will be great footage about the waterfalls and natural beauties I'll have seen; along with interviews with other people enjoying the fall outdoors by camping, hiking, fishing and traveling. I'll find out how campsite tailgaters cheer on their favorite NCAA football teams!

Look for videos and pictures in our upcoming blog!

Isn't Nature grand?

Enjoy the weekend before Halloween with plenty of football tailgating and family get together. You have time to grab your family and head to the park for a gorgeous fall picnic! Take along a healthy recipe, and tell us all about your experience. Share your picnic photos, photos of fall scenery, and places you know of that people should check out! Find us on TWITTER, or email us and share!


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