Friday, September 17, 2010

Tailgating or Homegating?

-Are you tailgating or homegating this Game Day? 
Are you heading out to the stadium for another of those great crazy parties in the parking lot; or are you making your own unique game day party at home, at a neighbor's, or friend's house? Maybe you're heading out to the pub or sports bar with a couple of buddies to watch the game, down a couple of brews and scarf down some wings. Whatever your pleasure this game day, we all know that given the preference we would all be down at the stadium enjoying tailgating at its finest! So, for those lucky tailgaters who are counting down the hours until they get to tailgate, take heed of some quick important tailgating ideas that will make your tailgating experience one-of-a-kind!

Tailgating Ideas

Come rain, sleet, sun or snow, the crowds will amass in parking lots and fields across the nation during the football season. Some college tailgates like the University of Tennessee and the University of Washington move their tailgating antics onto the water, cruising up and down the rivers and making their boats tailgating central. So, the question is: Are you ready to brave this wild celebration and tailgate like a pro? Do you have the essentials and fundamentals prepared so you can have an extreme and exciting tailgate?

Bring as many as you can, the wild ones, the shy ones, the crazy loud fun ones, and the cute ones of course! Nobody likes to tailgate alone, and having a posse of endearing friends around is sure to provide exciting entertainment and a fun atmosphere. You'll draw in some new tailgater friends that will come around and party with you at the next tailgate! Who knows, you might even meet some new tailgaters worthy of "friending" on Facebook! Its all about having fun, socializing and meeting fellow fanatics!


Never, ever head to a tailgating party without a portable grill and plenty of meat, veggies, desserts and snack food. If you're looking for tailgating food ideas, look to the University of Mississippi. Tailgating in the Grove for an Ole Miss game is tailgating at its finest, with elegant tailgate setups with centerpieces, silverware and delicious gourmet Southern feasts everywhere you look!

It's always better to prepare your own Healthy Tailgating Recipes at home prior. Unhealthy eating and snacking every week of football season will leave you bloated and a few sizes higher by the end of the season - not to mention it causes serious healthy risks! So, prepare your marinades and dishes before you're racing off to the stadium and you'll enjoy your tailgate without worrying about the calories! We'll have continuous updates on Healthy Tailgating Recipes all season long, so feel free to snag our recipe ideas and browse through our site's immense selection of recipes for ones that suit your taste!

3rd - DRINKS!

Whether you're indulging in some refreshing ice tea, lemonade, diet sodas or water, remember to bring your insulated coolers to keep them nice and chilled! For those tasty adult beverages such as bloody marys, mimosas, wine, adult sodas, beer and mixed beverages remember to bring your essential portable bar-ware and wine sets for your drinks. Don't forget to keep the necessary refreshments ice cold in portable insulated coolers. Bring your drinking game and get ready to stay hydrated all tailgate long!

No tailgating game is complete without some exciting entertainment and outdoor games to battle the competitive spirit permeating throughout the air! Entertaining tailgating game ideas include your favorite game sets like Corn Hole, Ladder Toss, Washer Toss, Tailgate Bowling, and Frisbee and remember to pack them in your vehicle along with plenty of outdoor furniture. Folding tables, portable sports chairs, stadium seats, hammocks, umbrellas, pop-up canopies and more, are necessary tailgating essentials that will ensure you and your fellow tailgaters have guaranteed comfortable seating and an official base tailgating setup.

If drinking games such as beer pong, flip cup or quarters are your style, remember the plastic cups, ping pong balls, quarters, ice, water and a table. For those who enjoy the sport of drinking, various games can be played with a simple deck of cards, a beer funnel, beer helmet, and a keg. Don't forget that you can spice up the ante of classic outdoor games by betting drinks on the loser of Corn Hole or Ladder Toss. Just remember to enjoy yourselves and play responsible. Drinking is always better in moderation, you don't want to become a sloppy drunk and be a burden on your friends and family. You'll never hear the end of it if you act a fool and do something embarrassingly unforgettable!


Sheer enthusiasm is a MUST for tailgates! You've got to get pumped for the game, so break out the face paint, body paint, jerseys and unique logo'd tailgating gear to show your team spirit and differentiate yourself as a true tailgating fanatic! To be a true tailgater you have to dress the part before you can act the part. Never dress in any colors that would affiliate you with the opposing team and remember that you can never dress too crazy on game day. A true tailgater will be covered from head to foot in team colors and apparel, taking pride in their appearance and daring others to outmatch their team spirit! Once you are truly decked out and marked as a tailgater you are ready to act the part. Chant your team's fight song up and down the tailgating zone and watch as you gather a following of people and bask in the glorious chorus of "Go -insert team-" that will follow your march where ever you go.

Create unforgettable tailgating moments every game; be the ultimate tailgater! If you're enjoying the game from your homegating party, the sports bar, of your mother-in-law's house remember that deep down you are a tailgater at heart.  Never let a loss spoil your fun; drinks ruin your life; or your environment dampen your spirits. Keep that tailgater spirit alive sports fans, and remember every tailgating party is unique, as is the spirit within each of us. Safe tailgating, everyone!