Thursday, May 17, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Honoring Those Who Sacrificed for Your Freedom

Memorial Day 2012 is on Monday, May 28th and it is much more than the kick off summer, it's a day to remember Americas' brave men and women that gave their lives for this country and the bedrock beliefs of freedom that we all enjoy. Sadly too many of us, myself included, forget the blessings of freedom we enjoy every day!

We should all take a few minutes for quite reflection this Memorial Day!
From the Revolutionary War to Afganistan tens of thousands of young men and women that died for us to be able to enjoy the freedoms we do today. If you know a vet, thank them. If you know of someone has lost a loved one to war, reach out to them, let them know you appreciate them and their sacrifices. Showing someone we care can mean the world to them. Those we memoralize were all someones daughter or son, sister or brother, wife or husband. They are missed everyday by those left behind who have to live the rest of their lives without that person.

Military Discounts for Active Duty

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Celebrate Summers Arrival With Loved Ones

I can't think of a better way to kick off summer than with a 3-day weekend! If the weather is good where you are, get out and enjoy it with those you care about. Of course we "highly" recommend a picnic...the bigger the better, the more the merrier kind of picnic! And hey, if the weather isn't cooperating then what a great chance to spend time together cooking, eating, playing board games and reconnecting!