Monday, August 02, 2010

Romantic Picnic Locations & Entertainment Ideas

Okay, so how many of you know that August is Romance Awareness Month?

Well, for those of you who just learned that Valentine's Day isn't the only time romance is "officially" in the air, we've got some great tips for creating spontaneous romantic moments with your sweetheart - with a fun romantic picnic for two! Get outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather with your loved one and put some fun and romance on the menu!

Having an exciting time outdoors, being silly and laughing with the one you adore is the best remedy for ensuring a healthy life. Plan ahead for your romantic rendezvous and read up on some of our favorite "Romantic Picnic Activities and Game Ideas" for some fun and memorable entertainment!

If you need help selecting the right picnic basket for your particular romantic outing, we know just what you need to consider when you're looking to "Find the Perfect Romantic Picnic Basket!"

There are so many places that you can take your sweetheart, and so many ways you can enjoy your "alone time" together. Get some tips on "Choosing the Right Romantic Picnic Location"; it may save you from being bombarded with the loud antics from an overcrowded place. Romantic picnic locations are limitless, but remember that remote picnic locations are the best kept secrets for romantic picnics!

Slip away with your partner and head for your favorite secluded beach to gaze upon a romantic sunset. Unwind and get tangled up in your lover as you sip perfectly aged wine and nibble on crackers topped with scrumptious smoked salmon and cream cheese. Remember to tuck away an assortment of delectable cheese and fruit in your romantic wine basket or insulated picnic tote. Don't forget to bring comfortable and portable outdoor furniture that will allow you both to enjoy your outing without having to worry about seating!

Strap on a comfortable picnic backpack for two, or grab your fully-equipped picnic basket for two and head towards a breathtaking mountain-top view where you are free to hike, bike, and climb your way towards an awe-inspiring view. Indulge your senses with the beauty of nature while you spread out your feast upon a cozy picnic blanket and enjoy the heavenly view - with your very own angel keeping you company!

Discover your local National Park, or State Park, and take a refreshing dip in the beautiful fresh waters before relaxing to catch some rays. Enjoy the simple seduction that comes with feeding each other delicious fresh fruit and sipping on sparkling white wine from your full equipped romantic picnic basket for 2.

For the heartier souls, a canoe or kayak trip with an insulated cooler set full of your favorite drinks and snacks makes for an exciting adventure you will both enjoy!

At, we're eager to share the knowledge about the joy a romantic picnic can bring to any couple - no matter what age!

A simple, yet elegant romantic picnic for two is just the ticket to make an ordinary outing, extraordinarily divine! Remember to spoil your loved one and continually strive to make them feel special! After all, aren't they your better half?

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